Alien Crash Landing


Posted by Miss Lobedan | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 09-01-2018

Breaking news…yesterday something strange happened in our outdoor area. We looked for clues and decided that aliens had crash landed! This morning we received a letter from the aliens, they were very thankful for the letters we wrote to them and the cheesy biscuits we left for them to eat! They told us their names were Nick and Nock and they had managed to fix their spaceship to return to the moon. It left us asking lots of questions about what it is like on the moon, it must be very quiet as they told us they thought Earth was loud and busy. The children had lots of fantastic ideas about what they thought the aliens might look like too.

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It sounds super exciting, though I was told that the aliens had left a lot of mess (and poo 😩) all over the playground!

There was a huge discussion about what the coloured blobs could have been! We were very careful not to touch…just in case!

Wow Olivia told me the whole story, if not more! She was amazed by it all. More so she enjoyed learning about the moon and planets, she gave us all a private lesson at home 🙂

What a fab idea! This has really captured Matthew’s imagination:-)

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